Pilates, Yoga, and Restorative Yoga classes in Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, and other Sonoma County spots
Certified Instructor teaching Pilates, Yoga, or Restorative Yoga
in your choice of Private or Group Classes

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What is Yoga good for?

What is Pilates good for?

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Why your own private teacher?

Flexibility in location and schedule

You choose where the class is going to take place! It could be at your home, at work, at your social club, or at a friend's place. You're not bound by the schedule of a studio or a gym.

It saves you time

No need to get stressed by driving into town — having to deal with the driving time, traffic, finding a parking spot, or interacting with strangers.

You receive personalized attention

To earn a living, Western instructors often teach to groups. But in India, Yoga was traditionally taught to just one student at a session. By having your own private teacher, you enjoy the benefits of a practice that fits your unique needs.

How much does it cost?

Cost for a private class

  • Because everyone is different, I will work with you to fit your budget and needs
  • Please call or email for pricing for a private yoga session catered to your special needs
  • Special price for locals. Packages of four classes available at a discounted rate.
  • Driving time and fuel are extra
  • Tipping is at your discretion

It doesn't matter how many of you are present

It can be simply yourself, working one-on-one, using hands-on work if this is comfortable to you. Or you can have your entire family participate. You might want to invite your neighbors over!

Also think about...

Setting the atmosphere for a relaxed dinner party by having a short and easy Pilates/Yoga class for your guests in the privacy of your home!

Healdsburg Community Center

Reverse warrior pose on Salmon Creek Beach

Twisting in Healdsburg