Pilates, Yoga, and Restorative Yoga classes in Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, and other Sonoma County spots
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What is Yoga good for?

What is Pilates good for?

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Clip about one of Sophie's private classes from the Sarah & Vinnie morning show on Alice@97.3FM (KLLC San Francisco)

Register for a 4 weeks small class or privates at Sophie Studio or at your own location

Everyone can practice Pilates and Yoga

Out of 8,400,000 asanas (poses), there must be a few just for you! Pilates and Yoga are a way of life, not an acrobatic skill.

No need to choose a particular form

As I listen to you and work with you, I will naturally guide you toward the combination of Pilates and Yoga that's right for you. (For more advanced students who want to pursue a particular form, I have listed the disciplines I teach here.)

Weekly group class at Sophie Studio or your own private schedule

Register for a month (once a week) of small Restorative Yoga class (6 people max) at Sophie Studio in Healdsburg.

If you can afford it, takes a few privates catered just for your body. You'll learn how to take care of yourself for when you decide to join a class.

Whatever your style, experience, or mood I'm ready to work with you.

"Sophie is an absolutely terrific instructor. From my perspective of the classes she teaches, I continue to marvel at such things as she knows all her students (even the most occasional ones) by name, brings to us a high level of excellence, always has interesting classes with new positions or focuses to bring to us, and has moved a great number of people forward in terms of fitness and wellness. Like an innovative freeforming jazz musician, she makes her class flow from beginning to end with an invisibile web of rhythm and style. She's done wonders for me, so I owe it to her to give her my best possible personal recommendation."

— Keith Howell
Sebastopol, CA

Healdsburg Community Center

Reverse warrior pose on Salmon Creek Beach

Twisting in Healdsburg